Next week, I will be launching a new print shop where framed prints like the above will be available. And in just about two weeks I will be having a baby…  This image of a friend’s adorable nursery for her equally adorable twin boys with a series of my prints framed above the crib felt like the perfect representation of both. Lots of excitement in the weeks to come!


I’m currently traveling in Puglia, Italy after an assignment in the UK. The bright blue sea, ancient whitewashed villages, and fresh Puglian food are a most welcomed reprieve after a long winter. I’m now 7 months pregnant too and Italian gelato has never tasted so good 😉


I spent this past week in one of my favorite places to shoot, Venice CA. I love the light, the fog that rolls in off the ocean, and the early morning surf sessions. It’s a place I have always gone for inspiration and a little relaxation. As always, Venice didn’t disappoint.




This is a little passion project that I devoted most of my time to from August – December of this year. My husband and I bought a little house on the island of Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean (yes, total dream come true). We spend the late summer and fall renovating the house. Interior design has always been a passion of mine and it was so fun to see my ideas manifest into reality. We finished the house in December. Check out our website with many more photos if you need a virtual (or real!) vacation to the beautiful island of St Barts: